1995 – Rasmus LERDORF launches V1 of PHP, a web development language.

January 1997 – First French websites using PHP: the PHPionniers.

November 1998 – First drawing of the elePHPant by Vincent PONTIER, aka El Roubio.


December 1998 – Creation of the first PHP logo, using the elePHPant, for Jean-Pierre Dezelus and PHPinfo.net.


April 2000 – Creation of the “elePHPantomatic” on PHPinfo.net. “Machine” to download customizable elePHPants.

October 2000 – First French article about PHP, using the elePHPant.


January 2001 – Creation of the elePHPant logo V.2.


June 2001 – CDrom cover of LOGIN magazine featuring PHP tools and using the elePHPant and a PHPin’up.


September 2001 – Illustration of an article about PHP in l’ECHO DU VILLAGE magazine.


November 2001 – Creation of the first PHPin’ups for the PHPionneers: PHPINDEX / NEXEN / ILOVEPHP / PHPINFO / PHPSCRIPTS / PHPDEBUTANT.


December 2001 – The elePHPant is the front cover of an iconic book on PHP published by Micro Application: The PHP official Guide.


May 2002 – Rasmus LERDORF, inventor of PHP, discovers the elePHPant which becomes the language mascot (still unofficially).

September 2004 – Cover of LOGIN magazine. PHP becomes the first web development language.


February 2005 – The elePHPant becomes the official mascot of the PHP language.

March 2005 to May 2008 – The elePHPant starts to conquer the world and appears in different forms and colors.


January 2007 – Creation of the ElePHPant logo V.3: 100 000+ downloads.


Early 2006 – The elePHPant plushtoy project is launched. The original idea comes from Damien SEGUY, at that time CTO of Nexen and famous member of the PHP community.


Janvier 2008 – A contract is signed between Nexen, acquired some years after by ALTERWAY, and Vincent PONTIER. Alterway owns the distribution rights for 5 years for the blue elePHPant. Damien SEGUY and Christophe VILLENEUVE are in charge of handling the worldwide distribution. The elePHPant becomes one of the most known mascots of the Open Source ecosystem.


July 2010 – Dedicated article on the elePHPant in the French magazine Programmez !


January 2011 – July 2014 – The plush elePHPant now comes in several colors. Companies and usergroups involved in the PHP ecosystem create their own elepPHPant: Zend, PHPwomen, PHP|architect and SunshinePHP. ElePHPants invade the world!


August 2014 – May 2015: Creation of Open-Goodies SAS. Several PHP ecosystem members creates a company with a clear statement: streamlining production and distribution of the elePHPant. Christophe Chervy, is the CEO of the company with well-known members of the French PHP usergroup.

During this period, Open Goodies works very hard to straighten the overall project, at every level:

  • A company to handle elephpants, respecting Vincent Pontier’s vision
  • A new logistician, able to deliver in the whole world at reasonable costs.
  • Stocks are assured
  • ElePHPants are now tested for both Europe and US markets
  • Contract with an accounting company
  • Strong presence on Social Media, interacting with the PHP community
  • Full redesign of www.elephpant.com – Alterway kindly offered this domain name to Open Goodies
  • Launches of several projects (Laravel, AmsterdamPHP, Confoo elePHPants and others)


June 2015:

  • TrueNorth PHP usergroup launches their PHP mammoth.
  • “Golden 20 years of PHP elePHPant” is made available on eBay. Half of the proceeds will fund an OSS project.
  • Open Goodies launches the ElePHPant online shop on www.elephpant.com – Only official website to buy elephpants from.

To discover all the elePHPants that have been produced so far, we advise you to have a look at A Field Guide to ElePHPants