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The latest available elePHPants

 Elephpant : next generation

The scope of elePHPants currently available is out of stock soon, there is only:

  • small blue
  • big blue

If you want to adopt one or more, fill out the form below, and PHPather of elePHPants (Christophe Villeneuve), respond to requests by sending you the total price.

Of course, if you order a carton (50 elePHPants), it is possible, you just have to contact: webmaster [ALT] elephpant [DOT] COM

On elePHPants pink, AFUP has these premises for these upcoming events, check.

PS: The next range (blue / pink) is not yet scheduled


Quantity Pricing
Small elephpant blue (View) 10 € / unit (+ shipping)
Big elephpant blue (View) 85 € / unit (+ shipping)
Pink small elephpant (View) rupture (*)
Pink big elephpant (View) rupture (*)

Address livraison

(*) An email if you wish to adopt a rose

date evenement: 
Tuesday, 23 October, 2012 - 15:15

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