10% to an Open Source project

ElePHPants love community!

When we started Open Goodies, the company behind the elePHPant, we wanted to create something meaningfull for the community. This is why we decided to give 10% of our revenue to an Open Source project.

Running a company implies a lot of expense; we have to pay for accounting, logistics, insurances, various taxes and many other things. We have come up with the best price possible but we hope we will get enough revenue to order more elePHPants and work on other cool goodies.

So, if you want to please yourself and help the community, get an elePHant! We will come back to you at the end of the year so that YOU can choose the project we will give this money to.

TrueNorth PHP Woolly Mammoth Plush Toy

TrueNorth PHP Woolly Mammoth Plush Toy

Another project was just launched on Kickstarter by TrueNorth PHP in Canada, they wanted to come up with something a bit special and we can consider they managed to do it with their PHP Mammoth!

Help them succeed by backing this majestic creature!

Golden ElePHPant

Something very special to celebrate PHP’s 20th birthday

To celebrate PHP’s 20th birthday, we wanted to come up with something very special that PHP community would love. After an intense brainstorming, we thought a golden elePHPant was the best object to create. We designed a prototype and it looked really great.

Unfortunately, production time is quite long and our 2015 golden elePHPant would have been available very late in the year. So we canceled the idea of producing a full batch. But… we still have this unique prototype of the golden elePHPant.

We could have kept it for ourselves in our elePHPant museum. Instead of that, we thought it was better that someone, a true elePHPant fan, gets it.

This very special and unique golden elePHPant is only for sale on eBay. You can start to bargain if you really want it!

For the record, the prototype cost is $500; this is what we paid to get it but we decided to start bargains at $1. Half of the money raised will go to an Open Source project, selected by the community.

We do hope you will like the Golden elePHPant and the all idea around it as much as we do!

Let’s see where it goes!

Laravel and Amsterdam PHP

Our first two elePHPant projects as Open Goodies

We are very glad to announce that our first two elePHPant projects as Open Goodies were safely delivered a few days ago.

The already famous black elePHPant from the AmsterdamPHP community arrived at their warehouse last week and we guess the all team now packs hundreds of elePHPants to their new owners.

The fast growing PHP framework Laravel also have its own elePHPant now! Thanks to Brian Retterer, the Laravel community can show their love for their favorite framework.

Both projects were crowdfunded on Kickstarter some months ago, we all want to thank all the backers for their help and we know you will love your new elePHPants.

Next generation of elephpants found their new temporary home

Next generation of elephpants found their new temporary home

On May 21st at 1pm sharp, all Opengoodies team was excited! After several weeks at sea from China, a customs control at their arrival on the French soil, elephpants spent 2 days on the road and finaly made it to Skipper Logistique, our logistician.

It’s in South of France, in Ardèche, in the city of Pouzin, that the next generation of elephpants found their new home, a temporary one, before they reach yours! Skipper’s mission is to deliver your elephpant wherever you are in the world! It’s never been that easy to get your elephpant. So, get yours now…


The ElePHPant has a New Family!

We’re proud to introduce Open Goodies, the company now creating and distributing the PHP elePHPant plush toy worldwide. Browse our new website and welcome the arrival of a new herd of those fuzzy elePHPant friends.

A select few members of the PHP community, under the kind patronage of Vincent Pontier (aka “El Roubio”), inventor of the now famous PHP mascot, have just partnered to create a new home for the elePHPant. The Company will handle the fabrication and worldwide distribution of the ElePHPant, whose friendly, plush image is so close to the hearts of developers worldwide.


Meet the family!

The elePHPant family started with Blue and Pink with a PHP logo on one side. Other elePHPants, with different colors and logos were created by several companies and usergroups. As we know many of you wonder which ones actually exist and which ones are only a myth, here’s the full list!

Blue one with Zend logo
Green one with Zend Framework logo – ZendCon – 2012
Yellow one with Sunshine PHP and Zend logos – Sunshine PHP event – 2013
Red one “Chili” with Zend logo ZendCon – 2013
Purple one with PHPWomen logo – Kickstarter funded – 2014
Orange one PHP|Architect logo – Kickstarter funded – 2014
Blue one with Z-Ray glasses – ZendCon – 2014
Blue one with Laravel logo – – Kickstarter funded – 2015
Black one with AmsterdamPHP logo – Kickstarter funded – 2015
White one with Confoo logo (Quebec usergroup) – on their way from the factory – 2015
TrueNorth PHP Mammoth – currently being funded on Kickstarter – 2015

Yours? Get in touch with us


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Get 10% discount when you buy
50 elePHPant of the same color


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100 elePHPant of the same color


pink-elephpant 6326066555_04cd5d0b4f_b9462297735_c08794a754_b

Price : 19.99 € (excl tax)

Size : 80mm x 120mm x 160mm

Quantity :

19.99 €

(excl tax)


blue-elephpant 12051713684_c4cf23e867_o14221273898_4133e79848_o

Price : 19.99 € (excl tax)

Size : 80mm x 120mm x 160mm

Quantity :

19.99 €

(excl tax)



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Don't leave our website before downloading your elePHPant set of logos. Open Goodies offers a comprehensive .zip file with all the elePHPant logos, V3. Once unzipped, you will have the elePHPant logo in several formats that you can use at will, on your website, mobile apps or printed documents: Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai/eps), web (.png) and even a 3D one (.3ds/.max). This is offered with the blessing of Vincent PONTIER, the elePHPant creator. Happy download and share your love of the elePHPant everywhere !

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